Arrested at the Pentagon: a man trapped near Defense Headquarters

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Arrested at the Pentagon: warning man trapped Defense Headquarters

Arlington, Virginia (AP) - One person was arrested early Friday morning, after he found near the Pentagon with suspicious materials in his backpack, told the authorities.

U. S. Park Police spokesman Sgt. David Schlosser said the man was in Arlington National Cemetery at night, when they closed, and then an investigation. He said the man was initially uncooperative.

FBI Special Agt Brenda Heck said the man had a backpack with a suspicious substance and a non-explosive material was found.

An application of the higher law of the language of anonymity, said the authorities found what appeared to be a small amount of ammonium nitrate, but said the official, who was not authorized to disclose information, there was nothing that would have allowed an explosion. The official said the tests were conducted to determine the exact concentration.

Heck said that during the investigation, the police went to a car, a 2011 red Nissan. No suspicious activity is said to be connected to the vehicle, he said, adding that the man held over 20 years. Heck said he believes the man acted alone.

Police spokesman at the Pentagon Chris Layman said the car was much more in the bushes near the Pentagon parking lot to the north.

In another incident earlier this week was a driver who had a gun and what appeared to be a suspicious package near the Pentagon to be taken into custody. 

Authorities closed commuter routes in the area around the Pentagon on Friday, snarling morning rush-hour traffic, after detaining a man acting suspiciously in Arlington National Cemetery and finding a car abandoned in bushes on defense.


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