Toddlers and Tiaras: this shit should be illegal (video)

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I hate beauty pageants, period. But I think it is a special place in Hell for mothers who bring their children in beauty pageants.

Sorry, I do not understand any woman, give your child in a beauty contest. Actually, no, no regrets. You must be enclosed if you are bleaching the hair of his son, spray tanning, make a denture in his mouth and his painting to look like a prostitute.

What is it?

I've just read this article in TV Guide by Rich Juzwiak written as the mother of young children and Tiara Hotel Eden Wood people just do not know. Due to their daughter, Eden, loves all competitions. This is what Wood said Mickie TV Guide:

I respect people's opinions, but does that mean it will change if this is something I, and my son loves to know? I do not care. It is irrelevant to me. We are strong in who we are, but if Eden's happy, I do not care. Learn about something before you start your mouth about something that I do not have. Well, if she decides tomorrow that I wanted to do gymnastics or a rodeo girl, I want to learn every chance that the life within the boundaries, a good father. We are not crazy, we're not crazy, so no matter what they say.

His daughter does not like Mickie. It is regrettable but does not know better. However, Mickie says that torture Eden with hairpieces and eyebrow shaping and determining the sex of their work is like a good father. "Why is it useful to traumatize my child? On the other side of the coin, the work is visible from each parent, what makes your child. It is our task to the fine nuances that back at an early age suspicion. It just happens, that is what Eden is all. "

Really? Really? Eden has signs for one year would be in the competitions? This is a step child pornography. Have you seen how those poor girls shaking on stage, and imitate their mothers in public scary?

However, Eden is not like a break in the short term. When my mother, focusing on the big time. "Eden is located at a different location and wants an artist to be an artist. Really slow and concentrate on what you're doing what on the stage. It must fit beauty contest. We finished in the last three songs from his album and we are going to go on tour. "

On tour? It has six!

Strollerderby As already mentioned, are experts on the effect not only the beauty contest, but actually filming the show will have on these poor girls. Dr. Nancy Irwin, a Los Angeles psychotherapist told Fox News that the parents are "selfish ... to spoil their children, and training, its value lies in its beauty."

Some experts are on the long-term psychological effects of being on that show. Others say that children are not old enough to understand what it approval to participate in competitions and means filmed for television.

Do you really need an expert to tell them?

I do not understand why the services of child protection cases is not the wooden door. This shit makes me sick and should be illegal for children under 16 years of participation in beauty contests.

What do you think? You mean the shows are great for the self-esteem? How do I create a balance and girls will be girls? Watch the video below before you leave your comments.


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