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Weekly "good morning america" ​​has helped people and money to unclaimed money can be found in our series, Show Me the unclaimed money.

"GMA" consumer correspondent Elisabeth Leamy, has helped one family kept their share of the $ 16300000000 in unredeemed savings bonds in the U.S. Office to get Treasury Bonds  unclaimed money.

Tuesday to help the family Shaluta West Virginia is almost $ 15,000 in unclaimed funds that Shaluta Vickie did not know her mother had to die it.

After helping people money that did not even know they had, we had a great response online. Our site is in the audience, caught in floods "fever of unclaimed money."

John D'Anne sought our advice and write on our website that it worked. "I took the money for my sister, my mother, my mother-in-law, nephew, my husband and I love GMA!"

Latonya Davison tells us his story of success: "I owed $ 60 an old cell phone bill was the state of Florida is legit ..."

Now it's your turn to cash in. It 117 million tickets unclaimed funds in the country waiting to be reunited with their rightful owners back unclaimed money.

Yes, the story of unclaimed funds to Come Around Again another round in the media panel. Although it is not appropriate, 1-year rare that someone is not on a segment of the unclaimed funds run out there, and usually with some tips on how to know if you can.

The joy of the story is true: in reality the money is not claimed. The will of the people who have died without the beneficiaries: apartment deposit, life insurance, bank accounts, pension pots that everyone had forgotten.

There are several ways to find  unclaimed money.
An introduction to some points here and links to how the money to start here.

A word of warning  unclaimed money. While there are any, there are many places and people you are charged more than you receive is likely to seek help. Unless you know very well that there is a big pot at the end of the rainbow for a better view, as a fun hobby, not a sure way to get rich.

Since it is very easy to lose more and never won the expected costs.


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