vincent van gogh biography and paintings

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Museum of the City, OH Van Gogh's View of Restoration :
An art historian has put on display in a museum in Ohio when he A 1890 painting by Vincent van Gogh (GOH) is working again.
The Eye of Sauron, painted by Vincent Van Gogh
Visitors to the Cincinnati Art Museum is chief curator Knut (cow NOO'-Payr Tahsis) should be considered carefully and slowly remove the wax from 1970 masterpiece has been applied, "Sub-wood by two figures." Cincinnati Enquirer reported that A microscope used for the very detailed work is connected to a monitor 42 inch flat screen so that users can monitor their progress.

The wax will protect the back of the painting canvas and secure set painting. But Knut's wax said on the front cover leaked, the vivid colors of van Gogh.

His influences are Vincent van Gogh and Georgia O'Keefe. "I have my art through experimentation, classes and life experience develops," said Kunze.

Vincent van Gogh (March 30, 1853, by 29 July 1890) is generally considered the greatest Dutch painter Rembrandt, then, although he too little success during his lifetime. Van Gogh produced all of his works (some 900 paintings and drawings from 1100) for a period of only 10 years before moving to mental illness (possibly bipolar disorder) and committed suicide. His fame grew rapidly after his death, especially after an exhibition of 71 paintings by Van Gogh in Paris 17th March 1901 (11 years after his death).

Van Gogh's influence on Expressionism, Fauvism and early abstraction was enormous, and can in many other aspects of 20th Century can be seen. The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam is dedicated to the works of Van Gogh and his contemporaries.

Several paintings by Van Gogh rank among the world's most expensive painting. On 30 March 1987 Iris Van Gogh painting sold for a record $ 53.9 million at Sotheby New York. 15th May 1990, his Portrait of Dr. Gachet sold for $ 82.5 million at Christie's, a new price record (see also the list of most expensive paintings).


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