Duggar: Josh and Anna Duggar have welcomed a baby boy

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Hours earlier, greeted his young son into the world Wednesday, Anna Duggar has experienced a feeling quite different.

"I feel like I'm at work," Duggar, 22, and mother Mackynzie, 20 months, with 19 children: first child, grandchild, a special broadcast on Sunday (20:00 ET) on TLC. "I'm excited and I really wanted to have our son in my arms Duggar."

In a preview of the special program, the husband Josh Duggar, 23 - comfort his wife, as she sits in the birthing pool at work for them Tontitown, Arkansas home - the eldest son of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. Michelle and her daughter Jill, whose life in NAFTA, and with 19 children, were also present to help Anna.

Be "[Ana] is likely to change from [water birth] to take a shower, and then when it's time for the unborn that your room is covered," Michelle said in the video issued only a day after the boys whose name starts with an "M" to follow his family tradition, came Duggar.

He was born at 17:55 clock, the little Duggar weighed 8 lbs., 5 oz

We have no way of looking at other TLC show "The story of the baby," which may very explicit, as the cable can get away with much more graphic details of the work / labor. The time of my mother, who was on a stretcher to the hospital for hours in pain, strapped in, given your family with you, without anesthesia, and then woke up a newborn. Anna has excellent control, I'll give him that. Congratulations to the Duggars!


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