Rush Limbaugh declares war over sarah palin and margaret thatcher

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Rush Limbaugh, the conservative American radio show, was in brilliant form on Wednesday when he announced a special treat for their listeners.

Yes, the Tea Party supporters now have to drink their own tea. Limbaugh told his listeners, which is selling a new brand of iced tea with a special name deserves the very basis of the conservative movement - two, if they of tea.

The name is an allusion to the line in the poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, 1861, Paul Revere Ride - "Feet on the Land, Two If by Sea". The poem is a tribute to the famous race of 1775 at midnight by the American patriot Paul Revere, to warn of the arrival of British troops.

Sarah Palin, which was recently added to the exact details of the race at midnight to the proviso that Limbaugh with a small detour, as he joked to his audience and said it would hear the history of the topic. Before he entered the history books and proclaimed that listeners can buy a 12-pack of their news from tea $ 23.76, Limbaugh said he wanted to meet some "new" things. It turned out to blog last week, which means that to meet Margaret Thatcher not been reported, when and if Sarah Palin is going to London next month on the basis that a politician is perceived as untrustworthy.

The following observation by an ally of Thatcher upset Limbaugh and other rights of the United States:

Lady Thatcher did not see Sarah Palin. It would be shameful for Margaret. Sarah Palin is crazy.

Limbaugh has stated that "I, El Rushbo," the report said about Palin in "The Guardian". He then moved to the important task of promoting their new brand of iced tea.

But later in the show, Palin repeatedly denounced as a blog Thatcher as "essentially a hoax." This is what Limbaugh, in comments on our website under the title look shown, I said: The Guardian story of Sarah Palin Thatcher was wrong:

In this activity, Margaret Thatcher, when I was right. It turns out that this was essentially a joke. The brand was founded. Nobody in the camp of Margaret Thatcher Margaret Thatcher never said that the meat will not be mad because Palin Palin.

Limbaugh quoted from a blog by Nile Gardiner, The Daily Telegraph. Gardiner, director of the Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom of the right-wing Heritage Foundation in Washington, wrote:

I spoke with Mrs. Thatcher cabinet about the history and acknowledge that the attack on Sarah Palin has certainly not left his office and does not reflect their views. As a former colleague of Margaret Thatcher, I can confirm that this type of thinking completely foreign to them, and that such comments will not be in his office. She told us a warm welcome in the United States figures, and met in the past with many presidential candidates and U.S. political dignitaries, when he visited in London. But at the age of 85 years, is now in a position to receive, very few visitors at all.

There never was Sarah Palin for the office of Mrs Thatcher and hit your head. However, there were a lot of damage and annoyance of some sectors of the liberal press, in a vain and futile attempt, the name of Margaret Thatcher used to discredit a major U.S. policy.

Limbaugh concluded:
So I just wanted to place. Also here are at the forefront when you listen to regularly and diligently on this program.

At the risk of Limbaugh for the third time, I must stress that my blog last Tuesday and a second blog still stands. I posted that last Thursday after Limbaugh was critical of my original blog "absurd."

Gardiner put the official way to contact the office of Margaret Thatcher for an answer. I followed a different path, the path by the journalists in the course of time, if you want to know the thoughts of real people over. I spoke with an ally of Thatcher, the private thoughts of the members of the circle described by the former prime minister. Ally confirms the correctness of my blog began when the American right to react against last Wednesday.

Limbaugh finds it difficult to understand a simple point: The members of the circle of Margaret Thatcher are very protective of former Prime Minister and I will not be humiliated to someone they see as essentially frivolous to justice.


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