Bruce Springsteen has a statement on the death of Clarence Clemons

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The saxophonist life and Bruce Springsteen in the companion Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band - died on Saturday (June 18) due to complications from a massive stroke he suffered nearly a week earlier. Springsteen was more than just a driver Clemons "or" boss "if you want - the two were companions, confidants, close family friends For nearly four decades.

The extent of Clemons on Tuesday, "(June 14), published Springsteen an official statement expressing support worldwide for his friend and support all his fans for their program. A few hours after the death of Clemons' Saturday, Springsteen released another statement.

"Clarence has lived a wonderful life" said Springsteen. "There was in him the love of the people who did love him. He created a wonderful family and enlarged. He liked the saxophone, loved by the fans and everything he jumped overnight on the stage. Their loss is immeasurable, and we are honored and grateful to have him known and had the opportunity to present his side for nearly 40 years. He was my friend, my companion, and Clarence at my side, my group and I were able to tell a story just much deeper in our music. His life and his memory in this story and love to live in our group. "

No word yet on whether Springsteen continued recording and touring with the E Street band with that name, but one thing is for sure - is simply irreplaceable Clemons.

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