"The Book of Mormon" and "workhorse" Clean Up At The Tony Awards

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If Tony Awards on Sunday night are not available, Broadway loves the Mormons, the work of Larry Kramer and his puppets truly great horse.

The Book of Mormon South Park artist Trey Parker and Matt Stone, nine awards, including Best Score, Best Original Score and Best Book of a Musical has received. The tragedy of the war horses, including innovative use of puppets on horseback (one of which is on stage by host Neil Patrick Harris built published) won for best play. Kramer and the AIDS drama The Normal Heart of the play was named Best Revival, and won awards for the actress Ellen Barkin and actor John Benjamin Hickey.

Other winners Frances McDormand for her work on the popular game now, Sutton Foster for his leading role in the revival of Cole Porter, is everything, and Norbert Leo Butz, play what you know, that "the character of Tom Hanks the musical adaptation of Catch Me If You Can. (For a complete list of winners can be found here.)

It is also interesting to note that Tony has a handful of large statues of television, including a Lifetime Achievement Award by the South African playwright Athol Fugard and a special award to Eve Ensler, possibly best known as the author behind The Vagina Monologues.

How to define the show itself, to a program outside Tony shows prices from other, that in contrast to all shows a tendency except the Grammys, is a reward for live performances, which - of course - media often that the performance during the show even better. There were musical numbers, as in the business to be successful without Really Trying, Anything Goes, Sister Act, The Scottsboro Boys and Catch Me If You Can - oh, and Spider-Man: Turn the Dark, which was after all a difficult Travel officially end at the official opening night.

The number of Spider-Man, a love of the composer of the show ballad, was U2's Bono and The Edge surprisingly strong for something that is a rock concert in fact, shade, and has its production can be suspended in a single box on the quantity convince anyone that this is to miss a program. But - and we say, because we have - at least no one was injured.

Harris Performance as hosts also strong. He clashed with former host Hugh Jackman, who is probably the beginning of all the good will that the great players in the period before the opening of his new movie about robots Boxer, Real Steel. The opening number was a little funny and very ambitious, entitled "Not just for gay Never again," said the lines that the theater prepared, it is welcome. (It is difficult, anything to do wit costs in particular, but have done so with commitment, this is a very dramatic thing to do.) Yes, there were probably people who are intimidated by that particular issue, and references to sodomy and liberal intellectuals, although it may be appropriate to accept Tony's will never be as popular as far as the Oscars, so it might be fun.

Harris also has a number of companies that recently an all-star cast for a production that will soon be filmed and broadcast in cinemas across the country have been carried out. Appear on stage performance was Stephen Colbert, Christina Hendricks, Martha Plimpton, Patti LuPone, and much more.

Best of all, was a blow to the presentation by Lin-Manuel Miranda, who won a Tony in 2008 for writing the music to the heights and the heights of director Tommy Kail include written. He ran through the events of the night (of course, been written at least to a large extent "on the fly) and ends with a dynamic wave of Broadway performer and an instruction to the viewers at home for live theater. Good advice.


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