Crystal Harris and Hugh Hefner called off their wedding

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Yes, Crystal Harris and Hugh Hefner called off their wedding - but no, Dr. Phil McGraw, the son Jordan is not the reason for the separation.

The seemingly perfect union of a twice-married 85-year-old with a harem of his partner and model girlfriend of 25 years seems to have ended, before being officially begun.

True, reader: Crystal Harris went to Hugh Hefner. Five days before the scheduled date!

Crystal Harris Hugh Hefner breaks Groom Wedding | Playboy, married to five days before the wedding hops. These stories are "absolutely untrue, " said Harris, a representative of Michael Blakey. "This is pure invention. There is no relationship and never have been. It is a stupid rumor."

Spotted rumors of a love affair between the first surface in March, when Harris and McGraw LA hotspot Chateau Marmont, looking comfortable.

Blakey said the interactions that Harris, 25, was with McGraw have been strictly business. "They wrote a song together, and that was the extent of their relationship, he said. The one, by chance met iTunes on Monday.

Is - gulp! - It's true: "The wedding is off, " Hefner Twitter "Crystal has been a change of heart .."


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