Know How GOP Debate Exploded on Twitter as Tweets

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Tonight, the New Hampshire Republican presidential candidate debate had a great influence to find.

Recent developments in the media increasingly resist and we began our journey into the election campaign in 2012, it is clear that the U.S. presidential elections will maintain and even increase this trend.

CNN aired and hosted the debate and before the start of the program, made clear this was a social event design. The head of the office network from Washington, DC, said the news that was used for Facebook, Twitter and in the debate in the air.

Hashtag # CNNDebate formal discussion. Undoubtedly, the promotion and management of this Hashtag a great success.

Around 9:00 Eastern Time Clock was that concept of the principle of production on global trends in Twitter. Users were able to live-tweet the debate by adding to the conversations of their own thoughts, opinions and questions. Some high-profile users of Twitter, a journalist Anderson Cooper was still in the wings from Twitter, photos and video room of New Hampshire debate.

GOP Debate Exploded on Twitter
We turned to see how Trendistic tweets were in the debate. An hour and a half in the debate appeared in the official Hashtag almost 1.5% of all tweets posted on the service - this is a very high value.
In contrast, the term "Republican" at about 0.13% of the tweets peaked, and the words "Republican" and "debate" each to less than 0.5% of all tweets sent reached during the debate.

Attempts to analyze the feelings expressed in the debate, we are a bit lost. Most natural language processing tools, Twitter is still pretty raw. Some positive sentiment on the hashtags # CNNDebate about 66% installed, but the most "positive" were deeply sarcastic tweets. For example, says a typical tweet so positive Caller: "I do not know who won, but I think we all agree that America was the loser tonight CNNdebate #."

Stay for more information about how every Republican he has voted on Facebook.


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