Happy Mother's Day with Glo

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Happy Mother's Day with Glo

Greeting Card, order flowers and fence repair Ladies and Gentlemen: This Sunday is Mother's Day, and you are like me, you (and qualified) this week, expect a belief that mothers in their lives.

But Glos (rhymes show).

GLO (Government name, Gloria) is 78. She is a widow. He is Italian. Platinum at your local casino player.

He is my great grandmother.

A decade ago, I started calling her Glo. Why are they so short a nickname, but do not know anyone. Bono is in my life. He first did not like his nickname. He said, defiantly: "I ask you a grandmother, I'm Adam."

He is a celebrity among my friends, because I love it.

"I have to marry you one plus one, but you are planning to Glo, the only really applies to."

"The biopsy was negative, that is very good, but to actually see your Glo is said to have been arrested. Reese Witherspoon"

It is more than life. If you are larger than life, it (they probably I fat, which you do not know the fate that threatened to cancel Christmas will be called.) And I love the imagination of people.

My whole life I had reaped the benefits of interactive Glo on my part. (Fact: At the age of four, he said that I knew Santa in the department store saleswoman, said I, "Grandma Gloria." Said Part I I f "Who" took a year ago because it said.? me time to open all the gifts ... Glo.)

Still sends me $ 25 for Valentine's Day. Each year, the company notes: "buy new pants, so that it does not look like garbage."

Long time ago, I decided to accept it. GLO Glo can.

I will not try to change it. Favorite movie of White Chicks love about Argo's okay. I will not be collected nonperishable a revelation to tell him to stop.

Beyond accept it, I will let you how much I appreciate it.

12 years ago, my mother lost a battle with breast cancer. I had an uncle of the boy's mother.

For millions of us, Mother's Day reminds us that we do. We draw Blinds bring the tissues, and ignore our phone. At the same time, have taken over our lives, the people who helped mold ignoring mothered us without asking, and people have witnessed the growth of our mothers.

GLO is not my mother. They will not. It's fine. Day's character is still on the blue ribbon.

If you are like me, the most important person in your life after you leave is indefinable. It is a delicate dance and significant memory and you are dead to me, which helps people and appreciate the present.

Join Glo and a chocolate martini I make this week's day mothers are more than happy to toast in the lives of women.


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