Bones Dinosaur Skeletons Hit Auction Block in Dallas

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12-June: The bones of an Allosaurus and Stegosaurus sold over $ 2,750,000.

Score dinosaur skeletons auction in Dallas

Private collectors have purchased the bones of dinosaurs in the context of more than $ 5,300,000 for rare coins sold at auction in Dallas.

Heritage Auction, Allosaurus and Stegosaurus, "said one, sold in an offering known as the Battle of the pair, about $ 2,750,000 Sunday.

The auction house based in Dallas, went over to the buyer, other than to say that the bone would be the head of an overseas museum disclosed.

The Dallas Morning News reported Monday that 430 candidates took part in the auction, in which even a stuffed polar bear, a rare bird egg fossils and precious stones.

Has not sold a set of shark jaws 11-foot-9-foot. The goods will be on loan at the Dallas Museum of Nature and Science to stay.


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