Gene Simmons speaks out on success how to kiss

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If it does one thing, KISS, Gene Simmons, can the tongue is moving. The tongue of Gene Simmons is now in action.

It is therefore logical that the artist and businessman, multi-tasking has recently added another credit card to his long resume: motivational speaker.

"I like the sound of my own voice as you can imagine," said Simmons of the rich and the famous speech of obligations. Therefore, a part of it in me. But on my way to success.

"When I was young, I read the newspapers. Watch TV I like. I would like to see celebrities and successful people. But people have always been a myth. Never had the chance to sit in the room and hearing about your trip. And like any others, it is no secret to success is not magic, there are songs that will stand the test of time and headaches, the effects and can increase your chances, more effective - my language, made more efficient.

seems "I'm not here to talk about spiritual issues or relationship. I can not be the best person in the world that his" admits Simmons, whose 28-year relationship with Canadian beauty Shannon Tweed have "pretty well for themselves, "If you believe that what he said during a television appearance earlier this week was tight pair.

But the collection something that was 61 years Israel immigrants is a resident of Beverly Hills is undoubtedly a masterpiece. Almost 40 years after its founding, KISS remains one of the biggest rock bands and brands, with 3,000 licensed products, condoms to caskets ("Let's come and go," jokes genes). There also appear in the TV show Celebrity Family Jewels reality oldest to begin his final season. These concerts, under the chairmanship of the Canada-based recording Simmons, a variety of places, and prepares for a chain of themed restaurants and a TV talent show to start.

But he is always willing to take the time to collect $ 100,000, to talk about how he rich enough to speak for a fee of $ 100,000, as it grew was.

Before separation in Winnipeg your money where your mouth is, has genes are key to success, he told me what was wrong with G men and explains why I have to change my name.

What was the key to success for you?

I dedicate myself. I do not suffer fools. No losers around me. And why not allow me many times as arrogant - "Whoever thinks he is but I have no time for it, but these people are vampires sucking the life out of you surrounded You need to be successful with people who know more people? And this idea that money is not happy? It is not. Not with money makes you unhappy. Having money does not buy happiness. Even if you're a dirty bastard, it's still happy to be a Miserable Rich Bastard.

As a KISS fan an event rich and famous?

Now you can see a KISS fan and ask me if we go on tour. But that is not what it is. This is not a visit from Charlie Sheen.

So the questions of the audience?

Yes, the real magic happens in these events is that almost half the time be spent in the public sector. I get off the stage, microphones and people have specific questions. Someone might say: "I am set the owner of a cleaning service and want it as a brand, and I say. 'What is your name" For example, what is your name?

Me? Sterdan.

Sterdan? Yes, this is not good. If you want to get into the brand business, I would change that. But let's say your name was Wallace. I wondered: "Why does not Wallace on behalf of your company is not why the dot-com How to get to get your e-mail is not the case and help as wallace even these simple things because everyone is really in the same company. The reputation of the company means you have your name on something and people recognize his name is synonymous with quality The name and history if they go ahead ..

To change the subject, what can I say about the new KISS album?

We wrote all the songs and arranged everything. Like Sonic Boom, were written all the songs from the group. Paul is the production of this well. The first day in the studio, he cut two songs. We look to do without thinking too much about it.

Are you in the mood, as the end of the 70 Sonic Boom?

It's not just the late '70s, the classic of all time. Styles come and go, the only thing that is striking about the Stones and AC / DC, meat, potatoes and other things. This material is for ever. When was the last time you heard Hombres G? Personally, I think the guy who came by the name of the band. This is the stupidest that name. You never have sex with a name like that. Men Without Hats. Oh my God! Kill me now. They wear a T-shirt that says "Please beat me."

What happens to the records of Simmons?

We start the envy in the United States. The road to success in Canada is great. We are committed to signing the next generation of Canadian law. The mantra and mandate are two different things. The mandate is the signature of Canada for the rest of the world indeed. The mantra is "Shut up with Canada, because the world does not give a s ---. The less pressure on their nationality, religion or any other person on the face, the easiest to convey their message. Once you are rich and famous, you can whip the maple leaf.


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