8 stroke trigger for those who are not treated aneurysm

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Note : Sex and Coffee Drinking Among Stroke Triggers for People With Untreated Brain Aneurysm

 For vulnerable people, common activities such as coffee, sex, or blowing your nose cause a stroke, according to a new study from the Netherlands.

"Does not apply to the general population of our conclusions,''said researcher Monique HM Vlak, MD, a neurologist at the University Medical Center Utrecht, The Netherlands.

It is, he tells WebMD, these sufferings without a brain aneurysm treatment. It is a weakness in the wall of a blood vessel in the brain. Often the ball to the wall. If it breaks, a movement known as subarachnoid hemorrhage lead. He comes from a membrane, the brain and brain hemorrhage.

Although 2% of the population that has rarely broken after aneurysm rupture Vlak.

Active career vlak and colleagues studied 250 patients who had a stroke after aneurysm rupture. They were asked to exposure to 30 possible triggers in the period immediately before the race.

They also asked how often and intensity are usually exposed to potential triggers.

The eight trigger increases the risk of stroke are:

1) Cafe
2) Physical stress
3) Cut
4) Sex
5) Difficulty passing stools
6) Cola drink
7) He retired
8) Angry
Vlak then calculates what is known as population attributable risk is known. This is the percentage of trains that can be traced to a single trigger. Coffee and physical stress with an increased risk.

All of these triggers, Vlak WebMD, overlaps with known risk factors for stroke, hypertension, such as age or have.

The risk associated with specific trigger is too short, "he said." The risks associated with these factors takes only one hour. "

She believes the common trigger mechanism for the temporary increase in blood pressure produced by each of them.

Vlak said people who know they should avoid an untreated aneurysm is at least some of the possible triggers.

"I think that drinking coffee or cola and more prevention efforts, are easy to make and can avoid some of the subarachnoid hemorrhage," he told WebMD. "However, do not advise patients to forego physical activity, since it is also an important factor in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease."

Second Opinion

The study has natural boundaries such as the ability of the people, just remember what they did during the time before the race, "said Ralph L. Sacco, MD, professor and director of neurology at the Miller School of Medicine, University of Miami. Sacco , who is also president of the American Heart Association, the results of WebMD, but not to participate in the investigation.

Although, he says, "a new design study is that some may assume in a fraction of the brain aneurysms that cause bleeding stroke can be important triggers."

These measures, he says, "can occur in young and are more common in women, smokers and high blood pressure."

Called triggers plausible. He said the mechanism, increased blood pressure, common sense.

"People may be necessary to avoid these triggers with known cerebral aneurysms," he said.

Put this in a more comprehensive review, said: "The smoking or never start, and the control of blood pressure are to control the most important factors to leave the coffee."


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