Budget 2013-14: Highlights

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Tax of Rs. Income for Rs 2,000. 5 million

Rs. Above 10 percent surcharge on taxable income. 1 million, a revision of tax slabs

SUVs on the excise duty from 27 per cent to 30 per cent increase, as the taxi exemption from registration SUVs

Raw transfer tax of 0.01 percent on the non - agricultural commodity futures imposed on

Rs. 532 crore for the post of Core Banking

Direct Tax Code (DTC) Bill in the current Parliament session to enter

Duty-free limit of Rs 1 lakh for men and women increased to Rs 50,000

Cigarattes cigars, and cheerots excise duty on a 18% increase in

All C / restaurant on service tax

Royalty load ranged from 10% to 25%

Retained% 1 Rs on property transactions. 50 million to be fixed

No change at the top of custom, excise duties.

5 to 10 per cent surcharge on domestic companies whose taxable income exceeds Rs 10 crore in

11 lakh beneficiaries under the direct beneficiaries will benefit from the system. Direct Benefit Transfer Scheme (dibiti) out to the entire country during the UPA government began.

Cooking the changed standards from 1 April 2016.

Public Administration Reform Commission proposal

Rs. 5,87,082 crore in 2013-14 under the tax and non-state transportation planning grant share

are. "

Rs. 1000 crore women balance each youth

Rs. Nirbhaya fund for 1000 million

Women and youth to senior promise

Cities with more than 289 private radio FM stations

Amu to Rs 100 crore each Grant (Aligarh), (Varanasi), out of these, and TISS (Guwahati) and INTACH

"Rs. 6,275 of Technology Ministry crore, Rs 5,216 Space Division, Rs. 5,280 crore for the Ministry of Energy. These amounts are significant. Increased"

Rs. 2000000000000 conservation area for

Or for a first home loan from the Housing Finance Bank. Entitled to an additional deduction for interest up to Rs 25 lakh. 1 lakh.

Inflation - a proposed national security credentials for the proposed bonds and inflation starts to propose savings against inflation.

Oil and gas exploration policy, the budget proposes a method for current sharing revenue sharing. Natural gas pricing policy will be revised.

Insurance companies are now under Tier 2 cities, and may open branches without prior permission. 10,000 or more in, LIC Branch and other public sector insurance company in India with a population of all cities.

Rajiv Gandhi equity salary savings for the tax savings from income increased to Rs. Rs 12 lakh. 10 million

All public banks, the Finance Minister to ensure that they have all their business areas and ATMs in 2014

Proposed a PSU Bank as the first women in India, Rs. 1000 crore capital ad

India Infrastructure Finance Co (IIFC) ADB in cooperation with, the corporation will help infrastructure companies, long-term bond funds, access to the tape.

Regulatory body for road transport

Four infrastructure debt funds registered in the

Rs. 7 lakh crore target set for agriculture credit for 2013-14 to Rs. 5.75 lakh crore of the current year.

East Indian Rs 1000 crore allocation for the states to improve agricultural production.

Significantly in Eastern India Green Revolution. Rice production in Assam, Odisha, Jharkhand and West Bengal increases;

Rs. 500 crore allocated for programs on crop diversification

ICDS Rs. Ball. 17,700 crore.

In 2012-13 the average annual growth in agriculture and related services is estimated at 3.6 per cent, while it was generating tons of foodgrains 250

Rs. 27,049 2.013 million from the Agriculture Ministry's allocation of 14

The target for 2013-14 has been fixed for the agricultural sector loan. Rs. 700,000 crore against. 5,75,000 crore in the current year.

Rs. Rs. 7,880 crore in 2013-14 as against 14,873 crore for JNNURM in urban transport for the current fiscal

Food grain production in 2012-13 will exceed 250 million tonnes

Rs. 15,260 crore allocated for ministry of drinking water and sanitation.

Rs. 80.194 million allocation for the Ministry of Rural Development in 2013 -14. Rs 33,000 crore for MGNREGA

Rs. NABARD for agriculture in store for 5000

Warehouses built using the panchayats. Food grain production has greatly increased and only increases with each year.

Rs. Integrated Child Development Scheme 17,700 (ICDs) for a million allocation: FM.

"National Food Security Bill, the UPA government is one I promise. Hoped that this bill passed as soon as possible. Expenditure of Rs 10,000 crore in the places I expected a different action."

Ranchi Institute will be set up for agricultural biotechnology.

Rs. 1.069 Aryush Department allocated crore: FM

Rs. 4,727 million is allocated for medical education and research. Rs. 1,069 million in the Ayush department.

Six AIIMS-like institutions, medical colleges work this year, starting at Rs 1,650 crore allocated for the purpose.

Rs. 37,330 crore allocated for health and family welfare ministry is.

Rs. 110 million allocated by the Department of Disability Issues, FM says.

Women and Child Welfare Ministry of vulnerable women to tackle the problems of Rs 200 crore for the additional amount.

Rs. 3,511 crore in the revised estimates of the Ministry of Minority Affairs, 60 percent is allocated.

Rs. 13,215 crore for mid-day meal program: Chidambaram

Up to Parliament to consider the establishment of a PNGSY-2 causes uproar. Minister of State in the round of yelling, clear -1 PNGSY which will be completed in the second edition of disturbance, the rest of the first edition will continue to be

Instead of explicitly Education Act, Chidambaram said, while announcing Rs. 27,250 crore in FY14 to serve Shikhsa Abhiyaan.

Human Resource Development Ministry will now be Rs. 65,867 million, 17% higher than the revised estimate.

"The government is committed to the Nalanda University of restoration" - but no specific funding for this project was announced.

Chidambaram Rs. 200 crore of Women and Child Development Ministry announced the allocation of additional funding. They say that women "who are among the most vulnerable groups with self-esteem and try to live with dignity."

169 Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani development (natural medicine) and homeopathy given crore

Rs. SC plan for indigenous plan 41,561 24,598 crore and Rs. This step comes with a strong statement

Plan expenditure is placed at Rs. 5,55,322 crore. 33.3 per cent of the total cost, while the non-plan expenditure is estimated at Rs. 11,09,975 crore. The project cost 29.4 per cent in 2012-13 to 14 in 2.013 RE more than a year.

4.8 percent of GDP budget deficit for 2013-14 is linked. The revenue deficit was 3.3 per cent during the same period.

Oil and gas exploration policy, the budget proposes a method for current sharing revenue sharing. Natural gas pricing policy will be revised.

Coal, the price of a policy to adopt the proposal for a pooled budget.

Benefits or preferences enjoyed by MSME continue for three years in this category.

Refinancing SIDBI's capacity was increased to Rs. 10,000 crore.

Textiles for the technology upgrade fund scheme (TUFS) with a target of Rs 12 investment plan. 1,51,000 crore.

Rs. 14,000 to 2.013 million for 14 capital poured for the public sector banks will be provided.

Rs. The grant. 100 crore each Aligarh Muslim University, Banaras Hindu University, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Guwahati and Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH), including the Indian National Trust were four of excellence for organizations.

10 persons PE rcent (other than companies), the taxable income exceeds Rs.1 crore, a surcharge is applied.

Generation-based incentives for energy projects by the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy, Wind Rs 800 crore is provided for the purpose of returning a familiar course

Rs. 14,000 crore capital infusion in public sector banks in 2013-14

Finance Ministry experts to investigate the transaction costs of a permanent India Business Council

Financial sector regulatory reform (FSLRC) Commission in its report next month

Educational institutions established companies in Incubators Social Responsibility Activities (CSR) are eligible for

Rs. 500 million will be allocated to address environmental problems in textile industry

Interest on loan for six weavers relief percent.

Access to foreign investors' portfolio Sebi action

SIDBI for re-lending to MSMEs. 10,000 crore to double

Dabhol LNG import terminal on the full capacity of 5 million tonnes from 2.013 to 14 to work

Imports exceeded 100 million tons of coal during April-December 2012 and is expected to rise to 185 million tonnes, 2,016 to 17,

Rs 14000 crore capital infusion in state run government (public sector), 14/2013, the banks will

Oil and gas exploration and revenue distribution policy will be reviewed moved from a profit

Research on the Policy on anvil shale gas; gas pricing policy and will be evaluated to reduce uncertainty

Rs. Several states / UTS for the balance of the first installment payment as CST 9000 crore.

At a cost of Rs 1,840 crore Srinagar to Leh Power Transmission Build govt, Rs 226 crore has been provided

Rs. 2,400 crore textile technology upgrade

West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh, two new ports

Suspended for several production projects due to regulatory

A company that Rs 100 crore or more investment in machinery and equipment 1 April 2013 to 31 March 2015, 15 per cent will be allowed investment tax allowance, depreciation except

Including zero duties on plant and machinery offer appropriate incentives for the semiconductor industry.

Bangalore - Chennai Industrial Corridor fresh push for. The Minister said that the corridor will be developed in collaboration with the Japanese.

DIPP and Japan JICA Chennai - Bengaluru Industrial Corridor plan for

A nod to the energy sector - Restructure States and throughout the industry for the financial systems of the agreement signed in the same effect.

Rs. 25,000 crore to be raised through tax-free bonds: Chidambaram

Increasing foreign direct investment in another context - "In business it easy, convenient, and should be seen as mutually beneficial." A large FDI investment bet heavily on government help for the poor, it is

"We are innovative and new financial mechanisms to increase infrastructure investment," the minister said.

New initiatives and infrastructure to increase the availability of debt announcement are available for the project.

Revised target of Rs 14,30,825 crore or 96 per cent of the budget estimates for the financial year. In 2013-14, the estimated cost of Rs 16,65,297 crore.

FM: budgetary expenditure of Rs 16,65,297 crore and plan expenditure of Rs 322 crore is 5.55.

Project cost of Rs 14,30,825 crore in the 12th Plan five years or 96 per cent of budgetary expenditure to improve

We have brought down the headline WPI inflation from 4.2 percent to 7 percent and core inflation. Food inflation is worrisome: FM.

24.3% increase in health in both rural and urban health mission scriptures.

Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes 12.5% ​​increase in subplans

Opportunities for young people to create an overarching goal to obtain skills for self

All major programs are adequately funded. Ministries should continue.

Average economic growth of 8 per cent during the 11th Plan period, the highest ever in the planning period.

Fight against inflation must be fought on all counts.

Foreign investment is required

Dependence on the current account of the high definict oil, high gold imports

Need 75billion $ CAD for bridge

Current economic space is limited by economic conditions and tight monetary policy


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