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Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez Frías Tuesday, deceased, of cancer at the age of fifty-eight, the most spectacular in recent years, leaders on the world stage was exciting. In the months after his death, when his health a national secret, and rumors of embezzlement subject, inauguration day, they brought her to Cuba, a hospital for a fourth term. Vice President, Nicolas Maduro, the politicians of this announcement Venezuela, where elections will be held within the maneuvering of the arrival of thirty days.
A military parachutist failed two years in prison in 1992 after leading a military coup against the government of Venezuela is served, Chávez has been behind bars, after an apology, navikrta power with the decision, and veteran communist leader Fidel Castro Cuba sought support do. In 1998, Chavez in Venezuela, from the top to the bottom of things in their country for ever presidential election, won with a promise of change. Since the day he was first sworn in as president in February 1999, he devoted himself to that which is just. He left what country is that, in some respects, this must not be, and is, in other ways, not always the same as in Venezuela, one of the world's most oil-rich but socially unequal countries with a large number will be, Latin America's most violent Some of the citizens living in slums.
To his credit, Chavez poor, who dedicated his life to the greatest and most josili attempt was made to change elements. He was named one of the country's new constitution and started hammering. Simon Bolivar, who fought for Latin America must unite under his rule, Chavez was a hero, and so he Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, the country's name was changed, and the time and resources most of the time what he was trying to forge a "revolution in Bolivia Rian called. "It is also a socialist or anti-American effort was not necessary, but during the following years, Chávez rule, and his adopted international role, both intended, at least in.
I often met Chavez for years, but the first time I saw him was in 1999, shortly after he became President of Venezuela, Havana, Cuba, in a speech to the University at a salon. Castro brothers are currently rare sight, as well as other senior members of the Cuban politburo. Watched and listened raptly as Fidel Castro, Chavez spoke for ninety minutes, essentially severe and profound relationship between the two countries, and the two leaders, who can immediately follow the rhetorical basis for the building. Some observers commented on the day the audience between what the two looked like a big bromance. They were right. Chávez, by thirty years younger than Fidel, the Cuban leader quickly, which is clearly an ideal of a father figure and became inseparable. (His own father, Hugo de los Reyes Chávez and his mother, Elena Chávez Frías, were poor primary education in the interior of Venezuela Hugo was the second of six sons., And joined the military when he was seventeen.) And the Castro, Chávez and a beloved son, such as Something was heir. Creepy, or appropriate, during a visit to Havana in 2011 that Fidel Chavez anxiety was recorded, and insisted that he was a doctor, who immediately Chavez cancer, as a baseball size tumor found in his groin go there described. Until then, and he returned home in February, terminally ill, cancer treatment, almost all of Chavez in Havana, Fidel investigated.
A warm and gracious somenamam, event and strategic opportunities Chavez with a remarkable sense of ambition grew, and world-class if, during the Bush years, while in Latin America, Washington had been down to the burner. The beginning of the Bush administration's bellicose rhetoric of Chávez by post-9/11 period was estranged, and became increasingly bitter about American attitudes and policies became "empire." The U.S. president called him "Master Danger" and "donkey" and that they regularly mocked mocked weekly television show, "Alo President", which he sometimes seems to delight in the reality TV (it was once ordered.'s Defense Minister of Venezuela to send troops to the Colombian border on the "Alo President" is alive.)
Right-wing politicians, industrialist, and soldiers in the 2002 coup attempt by a clique of short and detained insulting saw before Chavez was released and allowed to resume office. Unsuccessful coup against Chavez, but not before the conspirators apparently a nod and a wink from the Bush administration was found. Chavez never forgive the Americans. After his anti-American rhetoric was heated, and where possible, they sought to beat Washington. Chavez in Venezuela, the American military contact offices closed, and in cooperation with the Drug Enforcement Administration. Even earlier, in 2000, Chávez was flown to Baghdad, Saddam Hussein, with a friendly visit. Later, his avowed ambition to weaken U.S. Imperio and a "multipolar world," This is going to embrace the other with anti-American states: Iran, Ahmadinejad was one of Belarus's Lukashenko other. He invited Vladimir Putin to his naval exercises in Venezuelan waters mail, and sells them weapons. And there was more intensive and dependent relationship with Fidel Castro.
Venezuelan oil energy flows sankadamanavala Cuba, which effectively ends a nearly decade-long Stingy country "special period" of the Soviet collapse and generous subsidies from Moscow for nearly three decades following the abrupt end. Cuban doctors, teachers and security men immediately were traveling in another direction, allowing Chavez by staff that these programs called Misiones, Venezuela and slums rural hinterland target of abolishing poverty and disease. Chavez and Castro took trips together, and often visited each other's countries, and it was clear that they're each other's company.
During a visit to Caracas in 2005, shortly after Chavez announced that he had decided that socialism and Venzuela for his revolution in the way, I found it in the presidential palace. He was manic with newfound revolutionary fervor. In an interview with the poor peasants, he built a large number of confiscation announced on private land, and they gave themselves euphorically in the planning of farming collectives and seizures. "RAS!" He cried cheerfully, repeat it a few times. ! "RAS" an assistant explained that the acronym means "Rumbo al Socialismo" - "socialism for the next." He never actually said it, though. Collectivization and improvement plan at the end of Chavez's efforts seemed weak and out of time, one way or the other, as is often the earliest times, when Latin America was dominated by caudillos deliberately looked back, and there is a strong polarization of the Cold War world.
A few years later, I asked him why so late in the day, he decided to socialism. He admitted that he was late in coming editions, the world's largest long after leaving, but said it was the click of the epic novel, then read Victor Hugo's "Les Miserables." And not hear it.
Fueled by billions of dollars of oil price increases, Chávez gained great influence in the hemisphere as a whole in recent years, emerging leftist regime that, in some cases, it also funded and helped mold forming close relationships with a number, Bolivia, Argentina and Ecuador, and Nicaragua, former Sandinista leader Daniel Ortega was again. He said constituent Alba, American economic hegemony in the area formed a resistance in mind. He is an American and a chance of reviving extinct after all the grand vision of Bolivar, performance forecasts. In a sense, Chávez was right. American influence in Latin America has declined in the past decade or so, her time was good. But in this region, it was not Venezuela, but in Brazil, ultimately as a regional economic and political power of the emergent sleep, which began to fill the vacuum. Brazil, Lula, who is also a left popular, but the "people" and poverty reduction a priority of his government, and better management team, and Imperio without conflict with the polarizing last leader, he succeeded to an impressive degree. Venezuela, however, Chavez revolution, middle managers, disability, and suffering from a lack of follow-through.
What remains, then, instead Chavez? Venezuelans and other Latin Americans, mostly poor, who saw him as a hero, and the pattern is a way for someone who "care" for the millions of karanarum hole in recent history, there has never been a political leader in Latin America. And they may be right. But not yet distributed Chávism that can be taken. Chavez anointed successor, Maduro, will undoubtedly try to continue this revolution, but the country's economic and social problems in random, and it is possible that not so distant future, every Venezuelan disappointment at the loss of their leader, it seems he has left behind unfinished revolution spread .
A journey that Fidel and Chávez took together in 2006 at the end of the tail, Castro became ill and almost died with diverticulitis, which was a year and a half later the presidency of Cuba to his younger brother Raul for and resigned from power. I was an aircraft Chávez, when he flew to Cuba in early 2008, Raul congratulations. In Havana, invisible Chavez, Fidel, who still visits the sick and passed in solitude. Behind flight the next day, Chavez gave him enthusiastic We ship all of their aircraft, "Fidel is fine." He added that, "Fidel told me you would say hello to all!" Five years later, the Castros, both octogenarians, their life, and Chavez has passed from the place.


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