Manchester United v Real Madrid: Ferguson rails over red card exit

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Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United in the Champions League exit at Old Trafford for the adulteration of high controversy Jose Mourinho hailed the victory Real Madrid coach, asked, "better team lost" into the discussion after one night.

United aggregate on the Spanish champions 1-0, 2-1 lead, Cuneyt Cakir defender Alvaro Arbeloa to the time when the Turkish referee to run a challenge on Nani was shown a red card. Nanny's challenge was high, but the goal was controversial. Wayne Rooney least one more time out for United 34 minutes with 10 men were captured, but the substitute-herzegovina Modric and former United favorite Cristiano Ronaldo, the Premier League leaders with two goals in three minutes is denied a place in the quarterfinals.

Ferguson was so angry that he delayed his decision Cakir is set out that the man who dug out from the race off the pitch. Press conference of avoidance for the unknown, but the Champions League night on the controversial decision to remove nutrition, defeat against Bayern Munich in 2010, such as the United manager faced questions after every game with his assistant, Mike Phelan was sent.

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United manager bold in their starting lineup to omit Rooney, the long-term future at Old Trafford to raise new questions about the England international's decision, but the trick to send Quote quietly worked well with the included switch. "If someone [has more than one hard red card] can cry I'm first," said Mourinho hailed, against Barcelona in the 2011 Champions League semi-final dismissal of Pepe mentioned. "My history does not play 10 against, with 10 to play it for the last 16 or quarter-finals, but try to be honest and say I was right in the semifinals. Want that in my opinion, the best team lost., But that is football.
Jose Mourinho hailed: Video Link Manchester United against Real Madrid, "the best team lost"

"When we were against 10 men for 10 minutes we played very well we are-herzegovina and [Gonzalo] Higuain Back uncle with the new problems .. It is a new problem for United is that they can be solved with 10 men. I credit you with it. knew after two goals at Old Trafford, what you can do with a leader and a spiritual perspective as Sir Alex Ferguson. Are we holding that I am frustrated to not be controlled by them. I thought our But we could not have.

"It's time we Diego [Real goalkeeper] who gives us the victory, and the game is part of Lopez in Madrid, David De Gea Diego Lopez was the man of the match and man of today.".

Before the game, he has decided to press Quote "controller", Xabi Alonso, a policy that managed to drill cotton plants was taken by Danny Welbeck. Phelan added: "This was a tactical decision was fair to everyone, everyone wanted to play, but the important decisions to be the manager of the negotiations we had the correct balance ...

"At 0-0 we have a good tactic we were comfortable., And where we want to be. Then we ourselves were in a commanding position on the control. Then completely changed the game., It is difficult enough as a team of 11 men playing with a Quote Now We are distraught dressing room and distraught manager .. that is why I'm here, it's a huge opportunity, Ryan Giggs '1 .000 e game and had a worldwide audience as they do us. all probably wondering what happened to the main event of a decision to reduce was. ".
Sir Alex Ferguson as the fourth official criticized Nanny Nanny sent to Sir Alex Ferguson as the fourth official criticism. Tom Jenkins for The Guardian: Photo

Ronaldo's winning goal, one that remains on track Mourinho hailed the first three European Cup wins with three different celebration club refused to become a manager. "It was an emotional moment," Ronaldo said. "I can only say one word: to be shy .. I think the fans, so I think I have two games when I'm on the same level at all times, do not play, you play, I feel happy by Madrid because , but a bit embarrassed because it is outside the Netherlands. "

Mourinho hailed added: "Mentally it was not easy for Ronaldo, after my departure I played at Stamford Bridge in Porto is not easy, I is not easy, one day I return to San Siro I'm Not Going to be a simple one day ..... The Bernabeu Back ... not easy. Cristiano Therefore, it is not. easy, not easy. "

Ferguson's decision to cancel the cotton from the side, the actual coach said. "I think Sir Alex has been accepted as appropriate for the right of every decision and every decision there is no question he is the best, he is a history that you can win., And I'm asking a question mark against them their team of. Was in the best in the . "


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