In a historic vote brave Pakistani Taliban violence

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In a historic vote brave Pakistani Taliban violence 

Lahore, Pakistan - Pakistan, often with the problems of democracy in the mood for a historical perspective leads to a large number of Taliban despite widespread violence on Saturday voted in the parliamentary elections. 

Views on the election in Pakistan 
Pakistan and the issues important to them in the Diaspora on the response from readers and a selection of tweets. 

Pakistan crucial election 

On the eve of pivotal elections, Pakistan Orders Times holiday (May 11, 2013) 
Reaches the end of the campaign, as the gunman (May 10, 2013): Pakistan's former Prime Minister's son kidnapped 
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Taliban insurgents have threatened to disrupt the partnership suffered greatly where violence - torn Baluchistan province, and at least 11 others in an attack in Karachi, including at least 20 people were killed in the attack on that country, was confirmed. 

Historically, many cities in the report, and the survey was expanded to include time. It's a reflection of the political campaign season, party leaders Nawaz Sharif, Imran Khan and economic reforms, political event, the power of jihad against corruption was a star player with an emphasis on the former prime minister was dominated by the struggle between the workers. 

Make the most of their differences, however, inherently conservative political views and both pledged to control the performance of both Pakistan and the U.S.. 

Pakistan was the tenth election since 1970, but one elected civilian government to another government for a full five years to serve on the verge of surrendering to the first. Power peacefully 

Unlike previous elections, the Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate of Military widespread electoral fraud and intimidation, he offered more than half of the 66 are directly ruled Pakistan, the military involvement, little evidence was accused - year history. 

Instead, the country in recent weeks in the grip of election fever, most of them were a result of the conflict between Mr and Mr Sharif Khan. Sharif Pakistan Muslim League-N in the Punjab province, the most aggressive challenge by Mr. Khan is the favorite to win the majority of seats in parliament to win, though. The 

Mr Khan electrified base deep vein among young middle class and urban areas of Pakistan participated in the campaign in recent weeks with a series of mass demonstrations. He injured his back, on Tuesday at a meeting of about 15 feet into the ground after the collapse of public sympathy for the former cricket star. 

Two nights later, Mr. Khan Islamabad, the capital, in the middle of a frenzied crowd of supporters through a video conference, speaking from his hospital bed in his final campaign speech. In the heat of the line - 25 million children under the age of 30 were eligible to vote - your chances of success on Saturday on his ability to convince young Pakistanis, part, hum. 

It's certainly young supporters danced in the streets and waving flags of Mr. Khan or party colors with images of car horns, honked where Lahore, in the case of the most affluent neighborhoods. 

Their often stormy relationship with Pakistan in recent years has enjoyed a relatively quiet stretch, which has implications for the United States. 

Sharif, a conservative and steel BARON, the possibility of a nuclear conflict was avoided thanks to the mediation of President Bill Clinton, the tense confrontation between India and Pakistan in 1999 caught the attention of the United States. 

Mr. Khan's ideas were defined: the end of Pakistan's tribal belt CIA drone attacks in Pakistan, the army has pledged to need, and the American aircraft, the state does not have to fight them, the Taliban will negotiate with that said, if ordered to shoot . 

Selection of a rare sense of enthusiasm for politics was Pakistan. Nearly 11,000 people had fought for four provincial assemblies, while about 4,670 candidates, 272 directly elected seats in Parliament. Astrologers, publicly gender candidate, former model and Afghan tribal belt bordering the more traditional politicians, including candidates, as well. 

Sunni sectarian groups, dozens of candidates to stand for election, violent attacks on minority Shiites were some relationships. 

But the feeling of a live, incomplete, democracy during the campaign was tempered by Taliban attacks. The ability of the terrorist movement in the campaign, especially in the mountainous northwest, derail its nihilism of warfare that was seen as a sign of revolt in Pakistan and western style democracy dump a trail of powerful political trends are. Disclaimer 

Hyder Ali Gilani, former Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani 27-year-old son, in the city of Multan in southern Punjab province on their way to a campaign event by unidentified gunmen shot and was abducted on Thursday postponed in the campaign, was produced. 

Two guards were shot trying, Mr. Giuliani, he dragged into a car and was driven away, apparently as a candidate was bleeding from a gunshot wound to protect. 

In a statement Friday, the Taliban leader Hakimullah Mehsud to attack the democratic system "infidel" and ordered his commanders, and suicide bombers across the country teams to achieve objectives that can be warned. 

Awami National Party candidate for the deadly attack in Karachi have taken at least 110 people have been killed in a Taliban attack that suffered the brunt of the mind was a three secular-oriented parties. During the past month 

Police set up new checkpoints and military helicopters, Peshawar, in recent years, affected by terrorist violence in the city, patrolled the air. Asked citizens to monitor suspicious activity on posters in the hospital workers, were on alert. 

After a slow start to the election, many voters, including many women, midmorning turned out at the end. Police warned photographers not to take pictures of the nearly 300 women in burkas, the Griffith High School Lady was out of line. Women 

One of the women, Saba Iqbal, 35 years old, a doctor, a Mr. Khan, Pakistan Tehreek-E-Insaf party will vote for. 

, He said, "I've never voted," "but this time I want to. Imran Khan of change" 

One for themselves and Ghulam Ahmed Bilour, 73, who defeated the Awami National Party, a loyal colleague and one - then, Mr. Khan Peshawar two parliamentary seats the party claimed. 

A low drive and directionless after the previous government had drowned race badly led Pakistan Peoples Party President Asif Ali Zardari. 

Party government has developed a bad reputation and economy back to producers is not happening in the homes and hardship due to the crippling power shortages remained stable in recent years and ministers. Saturday, voters punished the party faithful of the signs. Their failures 

Such as certain irregularities were also indications that lead to the final vote. At least one party, Jamaat-E-Islami, Karachi and Hyderabad from various polling stations to protest alleged rigging in the election of their candidates withdrew. 

"G voters in various parts of the city by armed MQM activists are scared and intimidated," Karachi Mohammad Hussain Mehanti party leader, referring to the traditional city is dominated by the MQM party said. The total in the city to protest alleged electoral fraud on Monday called for a peaceful strike. 

After the polls closed, the Election Commission of Pakistan values ​​its employees threatened or said, but overall the mood was good. 

Salman Masood Gujar Khan, Pakistan, in Karachi Zia - ur Rehman, Pakistan, and Peshawar, Pakistan Ihsanullah Tipu Mehsud contributed to the report.


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