"Mother's Day ... a" girl's mother was kidnapped, held captive in Cleveland

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"Mother's Day ... a" girl's mother was kidnapped, held captive in Cleveland For nearly a decade, Nancy Ruiz hoping against hope that their daughter was still alive. Finally - Gina DeJesus we brought back the "Mothers of the day ... the best ever" after a homecoming celebrations. "This is the best Mother's Day ever could," Ruiz, according to Reuters, said she and three suspects are being held by the House of horrors after, Ariel Castro DeJesus' Cleveland's escape. Other cast "This is the best Mother's Day ever could." - Nancy Ruiz Now DeJesus, 23, 2004 in walking home from high school, they kidnapped at the age of 14, and, apparently, Amanda Berry, 27, and Michelle Knight, 32 with Cleveland Castro took place was in the basement. Berry on Monday and fled Castro's arrest is not only called 911, but the other two freedom - as well as a child while in captivity, apparently Berry wore. She was happy that Ruiz, offering a 10 year, has lost her mother and raised a son and a berry, might be bittersweet, police DNA indicates that the child was conceived by Castro has said. The prosecutors in the Castro, 52, police said, several miscarriages, the death penalty against a former school bus driver and can turn away from Knight hunger, finds murder. Castro currently four counts of kidnapping and rape has been charged with three counts, prosecutor Victor Perez said. He is being held on $ 8,000,000 bond. According to Reuters, a councilor on cases of sexual and mental abuse of women reported no miscarriages is subject to, and have the opportunity to escape until this week had never been said. Councillor Brian Cummins number of pregnancies and miscarriages have many details, including the conditions under which, in vague said. He has been held without access to the rest of the women in the house. Access to the basement for a while "We have confirmed that the victims of miscarriages know, but with whom, how, and we do not know what the condition," Cummins said. He added: "It seems very frightening." And Berry children - Cleveland community is welcome to enjoy the three women. DeJesus and Berry met his long-lost family while but, after leaving the hospital isolation Reuters on Friday found the horse, there is no compensation. Medical center, she would visit her family, some of which he rejected when he disappeared in 2002 after losing custody of her child, a fugitive believed that, her grandmother said, will be.


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