IPL 2013

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IPL 2013: Mumbai Indians vs Pune Warriors - As it happened ...

Mumbai Indians won by 5 wickets.

Mumbai than 19 II Score: 116/5

Ken Richardson shoot 19 again. Rohit Sharma, no run, good length delivery, gets taken to a full toss. R decay to the point this time. Harbhajan Singh is the new man in the middle. The first coat straight. He defends a gem

The time Yorker. The limit coverage by H rest.

Rohit Sharma V. Ken Richardson b Dinda 37 (41)

Mumbai more than 18 II Score: 112/4

Dinda short to begin with and Maxwell will help you on your way to a third. They run a lot of the moment. The ball, being able to get a run. Maxwell is one of the deep ball. It establishes a

This time. Rohit a ball for the last shot.

MUMBAI: Over 17 II Score: 100/4

Glenn Maxwell is now the center of the new man and Mendis center close to start with. Rohit limit to last a rude Dinda to third man. Not too long. Maxwell

At one end is the same. Mumbai needed 18 runs from 13 balls.

Mumbai more than 16 II Score: 93/4

Rayudu a fine cut short last sweeper as a cover to attack Dinda comes back. He hits the ball a second slower. The length of time covered. Rohit slowly with the time. He will

After a sweeper cover. Ambati Rayudu had a deep short pedestrians Center He was a good game. Mumbai needed 24 runs from 20 balls.

Rayudu c Mathews b Dinda 26 (23)

Mumbai II Over 15 Score: 83/3

Rayudu is situated on the ground, and deep bowl to Yuvraj Singh as a six on the turn of the 15th century. It singles out recapture. Ten more to it. Mumbai needed 30 runs from 30 balls.

Mumbai more than 14 II Score: 73/3

Boundaries are difficult to obtain, although it is easy to Mumbai. The bowlers are bowling set, but batsm, singles and couples who want to get. Pune need a wicket. Rohit Rayudu and may take game

Far from it.

Mumbai 10 II Score: 50/3

Yuvraj Singh to Rohit limit point as the other continues. No one scored in the fifth. Back to five.

MUMBAI: More than 9 II Score: 45/3

First off Mendis to Rohit as a run scored. Rayudu for good this time. R to run the ball. Rayudu sweeper cover to help one another. Over the last one on the R


Mumbai 8 II Score: 40/3

Yuvraj Singh, Rohit was one of the first to attack. Karthik hit the air and very well run by smart men hold time. Rayudu is the new man in the middle. R a run off the fourth ball.

Last ball is played by Rayudu bowler.

Dinesh Karthik c Pandey b Yuvraj 17 (25)

Mumbai more than 7 II Score: 38/2

Mendis to Rohit as the first, is to be taken. Half driving and take the next one. Karthik on the back cover in a single run. Karthik tries to go to return, but the ball goes

The back side, not dead at all. Once the race.

MUMBAI: More than 6 II Score: 37/2

R Richardson as more of a third person for the first run. The band sit for more than six deep ball is short and Karthik. The following taken from a single run. Karthik to the third ball hits the next ball

Man, do not walk. Karthik covered for a range of other stores in the past. Driving the back cover of the next issue.

Top Mumbai: 5 II Score: 26/2

Ajantha Mendis is an attack now. Karthik off the cover, taken straight run. One foot on the other side handles. Sachin trying to force a long time, but the ball takes the outside edge to secure. Rohit

Sharma has a new man in the middle. He takes you to the center with a pedestrian. Karthik, no run down. Over the last straight to the point.

Manish Pandey c Tendulkar b Ajantha Mendis 15 (13)

Mumbai more than 4 II Score: 24/1

Ken Richardson attack is now. Karthik to two races besides the point. He can run the ball, with a slash. Richardson has generated a good pace. Karthik to run back to the theory. Distributed to third parties

For a man. He can pull off a short ball past the last worksd.

About Mumbai: 3 II Score: 17/1

On the envelope as Tendulkar hit two boundaries Dinda. Pune bowling can not afford this kind of rebellious. Again to nine.

More than MUMBAI: 2 II Score: 8/1

Bhuvneshwar not the second time. Choose to be taken by the batsman. Four runs again.

From Mumbai 1 Rating: 4/1

Log Dinda started with a bang. No innings from the first ball to Dwayne Smith. Now fold Karthik. Discounts are available on the third ball. Tendulkar has opened the ball.

Dwayne Smith b Dinda 0 (1)

Pune 20 II Score: 112/8

Abu Nechim Nair load the first to the last one will shoot. Rasool next ball to sweeper cover. Nair, no catch to dismiss Harbhajan Singh to spend a long path length. No one Rasool

Next ball. Bhuvneshwar Kumar batter in two by a long shot. Bhuvneshwar injury time to the last ball.

Bhuvneshwar c Smith b Abu Nechim 2 (2)

Nair c Harbhajan b Abu Nechim 11 (14)

Pune than 19 II Score: 107/6

Malinga Rasool New Yorker to start with a new envelope to pass. Nair tool for a deep run. Clips on to other Rasool stop shop. Nair that one of the outer surface of the bar and to blunt misfield

Two-run hitters. In short, the time and Nayar, a bridge length. Take one of the last off the deep end.

Pune has more than 18 II Score: 101/6

Johnson returns to the attack. Ken Richardson easy to catch the air and the time we hit the third ball. Parvez Rasool is the new batsman. Fast taken by the Nair. Rasool run. Over the last one only two

Additional drain.

Ken Richardson c Harbhajan b Johnson 8 (16)

Over the next 17 rating Pune: 99/5

Malinga's first ball is back into the attack as one of Richardson. Nair defends a short ball. Richardson's pedestrian area deep to get another one. Nair single, this time for good. One

The last ball.

Pune has more than 16 II rating: 94/5

Glenn Maxwell is an attack now. Nair first one to get off. Richardson sweeper cover the period of the two species. He hit it back and put it down. This time he finally gets one. It is clear that the gardener

For the last one off and extra cover.

Over Pune II 15 Rating: 88/5

Johnson is back on the attack. Nair first one to get off. Richardson scored the first two balls. He refused to back the next episode. Bring the ball to deep one. Nair has yet to complete a


Pune has more than 14 II Rating: 8.5 / 5

Angelo Mathews is the new man in the middle. Takes a quick single from the first ball as Yuvraj Harbhajan goes back on the attack. Mathews, no run, taken to the next ball. This time He hit the ball to the third man and a decrease for

But the ball has to go straight and Mathews, to the stumps. Nair is a new man. Yuvraj, no run, and this time the referee gives out. Ken Richardson has a new man in the middle. Over the last one out of the way.

Yuvraj lbw b Harbhajan 33 (29)

Matthews out (mph) 0 (2)

Pune II Over 13 Score: 84/3

Manish on the cover as a scavenger of Malinga back into the attack. The long Yuvraj films with two covers. Good for a total of a steering drive. The New Yorker third man to accompany Pandey. Toss another full pressure

Some long. Manish easy to catch the deep ball is a full toss straight to stop the man.

Manish Pandey c Rayudu b Malinga 29 (29)

Pune No 12 II Score: 78/2

Harbhajan Singh, no run, and two more to be completed. It is a subsidiary of a short ball. Pandey is currently getting on the cover sweeper. Yuvraj in the middle of a solo takes a short stop. Manish

Another short ball straight.

Over Pune II 11 Score: 72/2

Manish Ojha continues, when the first ball on the ground. It goes great with a six off Yuvraj in the deep. For six more in the other direction. Draw a complete failure, this time, to feel disappointed. Total

For a deep run scored on this ball. Over the last one out of the way.

Pune 10 II Score: 58/2

Yuvraj Singh Harbhajan in the first hand, taken to a play. The third man in a short time immediately. Manish long to the next ball. Y this time close to the other. Another Pandey and long


Pune more than 9 II Score: 54/2

On the cover of his second Ojha to Pandey and the last two are not. This is for a long time. Yuvraj Singh scored the next round. No other bowler. He got the ball to the third man a few times.

Pandey gets to the final round.

Pune to 8 II Score: 50/2

Harbhajan Singh is an attack now. First Yuvraj Singh scored a run. Manish show is one of the straight, get a bye. Bhajji caution Yuvraj game. The time to short third man. Another one on the upper end.

Pune more than 7 II Score: 46/2

Pragyan Ojha is now attacking. It is the second and third singles hitters. Manish scored six runs deep. Get the ball to the side at a time. Y the last leg of the run.

Pune more than 6 II Score: 36/2

Abu Nechim Pandey mph gap.He War Two, with the next strip is a bit in the middle. It does not have to run in the next half a length. This time he will not be running again, half on the run. He hit half

boundary.Gets one at a time.

More than Pune: 5 II Score: 29/2

Lasith Malinga Robin Uthappa for a third person to be attacked now. Manish shows a cut of the deep ball. Robin Uthappa has been Malinga this time, but this is no more than a step in the free throw, the ball is

Are. It is by means of a run. Infornt this time stuck with it full again, and this time the referee throwing out. Yuvraj Singh has a new man in the middle. Start a New Yorker to Yuvraj films

Inspired by the edge of the lid. They point to the last play, no run taken.

Uthappa lbw b Malinga 11 (13)

Pune more than 4 II Score: 18/1

Anbu Nechim Pandey will continue as the third man in a second of the ball. Uthappa, no run, half-mast in the discount. Tendulkar, it raises the middle with two runs. No one thought to the next. Do not leave the final


Pune more than 3 II Score: 14/1

Johnson to Uthappa guide is the third man. Run back to the bowler. The total time taken to execute a short ball touches the ball. Finch had the ball directly into the hands of man.

Manish Pandey is the new man in the middle. To sign up to a point.

C Finch b Mitchell Johnson Dwayne Smith 10 (11)

About Pune: 2 II Score: 12/0

Abu Nechim shoot for the second time. Uthappa get half. Finch is covered. Do not push the ball with a tick below and paste, no issue this time. Finch at the border in the middle of the paste. , Tick paste the following line:

It is a good hand, do not have to be. It's a four off the last ball and the ball races away to the ball.

Pune from 1 second to 1/0

Mitchell Johnson to start the process. Uthappa and Finch is in the center of Pune. Uthappa hit the ball off the first ball. He next ball to be run on the short run. The following is a summary of the log.

Get a middle window this time. This is enhanced by Finch and not to be taken for a run. Last off, no other species do not.

Toss: Pune Warriors won the toss and decided to bat first.

Mumbai (XI instruments): Dwayne Smith, Sachin Tendulkar, Dinesh Karthik (W), Rohit Sharma (C), Glenn Maxwell, Ambati Rayudu, Harbhajan Singh, Mitchell Johnson, Pragyan Ojha, Lasith Malinga, Abu Nechim

Pune (XI instruments): Robin Uthappa (W), Aaron Finch (C), Manish Pandey, Yuvraj Singh, Angelo Mathews, Abhishek Nayar, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Parvez Rasool, Ken Richardson, Ashok Dinda, Ajantha Mendis

With only two victories in 13 races, Pune is at the bottom of the table. IPL, his performance has been abysmal. Robin Uthappa has scored only continuously and the desire to play to your team that is not shown.

Yuvraj Singh was very disappointing for the tournament. Bowling wise Bhuvneshwar Kumar was a success, but it is also influenced by the inconsistency. Spinner Rahul Sharma is also disappointing. Be they

Against formidable Mumbai Indians is a good form recently.

Table toppers Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings hit victory will give them confidence. Rohit Sharma has been wiped out and looked in great difficulty. With Dinesh Karthik and Dwayne Smith, a well-

Bat. Mitchell Johnson and Malinga and Harbhajan in the last game was an excellent selection of influential


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