Mobile Police received, family hold out hope for the return of Hamilton Man

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Tim Bosma: Mobile Police received, family hold out hope for the return of Hamilton Man

They are also believed to have met Timothy Bosma, published descriptions of the two men, 32 are. Homicide investigators because the disappearance of the "unusual nature" of the case have been taken over.
"We always keep hope," Det. - Sgt. Bosma believed was still alive, when the Matt Kavanagh said Friday at a press conference said.
Bosma last seen with police two men approached a man Etobicoke truck is believed to have sold the same model said. Kavanagh scored two suspects from the car to the company, said on Sunday arrived for testing more about:
After missing unit test Tim Bosma Woman begs for her return
Hamilton man Fades shop two men went on sale after the test
Tim Bosma investigate the disappearance and murder
The two men are believed to be in the direction of the game - on Thursday afternoon, police Bosma cells are found in West Brantford industrial complex.
No other materials are recovered, but police followed the suspects to contact Bosma be used to get a cell phone that was said.
He returned to his farm after a test drive.
Police vehicle in Brantford at 10:10 am Monday from the central south travel Bosma has been found that they also said that information.
Researchers days to review the images of surveillance cameras in the area, ask any entrepreneur 22:30 to 21:30
Brantford police vehicle can travel through or are not sure which side.
Bosma off his mobile phone shortly after her disappearance and the phone would be active for three months was used by two men - you are bounced tower in Etobicoke - before it was disconnected, Kavanagh said.
Police said Thursday the findings not, Bosma wife, Sharlene, they believe kidnapped her husband returned safely ask for help.
"It's not you.'s Just a truck, but I, and our daughter needs her father. So, please come home, please," said a press conference, tearful.


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